1973-74  Bucket Action (I & II) Keri Keri, Auckland 1/2" b&w 40 mins      (Performance document) (Pal)
1974 Handgame 1/2" b& w 30 mins silent (Video installation tape) (Pal)
  A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed 1/2" and 3/4 " 40 mins. b&w  (Pal  & NTSC optical dub)
1975 Journey (Auckland - Waitakere) 1/2" b&w 30 mins. (Performance tape Like A  Bat Out'a Hell) (PAL)
1975  Box and Cox Workout 1/2" b&w 30 mins (Installation/Performance  tape) (PAL)
1976   Journey II (Halifax - Truro) 1/2" b&w dub 3/4" b&w 30 mins      (Performance Like a Bat and Function and installation tape) (NTSC)
1977 Revolve 3/4" colour 40 mins (Performance Rehearsal document)       (NTSC)
1979   3/4" colour 3 X 20 mins  (Performance rehearsal tape Documents)     (NTSC)
  Latin Politics 3/4" colour 10 mins (NTSC)
  Trident 3/4" colour 10 mins (NTSC)
1980  Function Part I 3/4" b&w 26 mins (Performance Rehearsal Document)     (NTSC)
1982  Agit Lecture #3 Poster Packing 3/4" colour 10 mins (Banff centre Document) (NTSC)   
1984  United Technologies: An Analysis 3/4" colour (Compilation-Discussion tape) (NTSC) (VHS Dubs)
1987  Remembering Vietnam, Again 1/2 VHS 120 mins (Detourned Drama-Oliver Stones' Platoon Installation Discussion tape) (NTSC)
1989  Polska Na Wiosne/Poland in Spring (Detourned Documentary)
1993-4 Philippines Documents: Melvin Adlao Artist
1999   Squat with Squat (wri) ter Katherine Grant
2000 Box Set of 13 video tapes Bruce Barber Films and Videos 1972-2000    (NTSC VHS and DVD)
2004 Diddly Squat (Three works about money for the 7a*11d performance festival about money)       Toronto DVD 60 minutes.
  Diddly Squat 2 Newcastle, Australia DVD 60 mins
2004   Party without Party rm 103 documentation DVD 15 mins
2010 24 Hour Hollis Timelapse video for Nocturne MP4 10 minutes 
2012 24 Hour Brunswick Timelapse video with music by Keith Karding for Nocturne MP4 10 Minutes on Vimeo
2014-15 Spectres of Marx timelapse (RED camera) performance installation Venice Biennale Palazzo Mora May 8th –November 22nd 2015 and Window Projection Anna Leonowens Gallery 3 Halifax, Nocturne, October 2015
2017 Unpacking my Library (With apologies to Walter Benjamin) time-lapse (RED camera) performance installation 12 minutes Mp4
2018-19 Bertrand Russell Reading Room McMaster Museum of Art. Here are two links with information about the exhibition, one a Youtube discussion video.
4 Videos, the last not exhibited:
The Bertrand Russell Reading Room: Russell NYC time-lapse Trace 5 minutes Mp4
The Bertrand Russell Reading Room I Swear Take #2 (still shot videos 5 minutes Mp4)
Bertrand Russell Reading Room Jail Door 3 minutes Mp4
Bertrand Russell Reading Room Russell Portraits and Statements (still shot videos)