Recent Exhibitions


Taste the Future exhibition curated by "Dutch artists", Maartje Blans, Lisette Huizenga, Arnix Wilnoudt and herman de vries, RIMONIM Art Gallery, Miami

2014- 2015

Silence An International Exhibition of 40 artists from 14 countries April - May 2014
Curators: Fredo Ojda and Grzegorz Borkowski, Galeria Działań Warsaw, Poland (catalogue)

Bruce Barber Mount Eden Crater Performance (1973) Michael Lett Gallery​ Auckland, N.Z. March 4th -April 4th 2015

Imaginary Audience Scale curated by Adnan Yildiz ARTSPACE New Zealand 27th March 23rd May 2015 Imaginary Audience Scale features: Billy Apple®, Art & Language, Bruce Barber, AyÅŸe Erkmen, Natalia LL, Len Lye, John Miller, Yoko Ono, Martha Rosler, Lawrence Weiner, Stephen Willats

Struts Sweetest Little Thing Fundraiser Exhibition. February 2014

Khyber Artist Society 4’ x 4 ‘ [ ] Square March 20- April 1st 2015
Eyelevel Gallery Leisure and Labour A Reshelving Initiative April –June 2014

Collateral Exhibition with the Venice Biennale 2015 Personal Structures Time, Space Existence, an exhibition curated by Rene Rietmeyer, Valeria Romagnini and Rachele De Stefano of the Global Art Affairs Foundation Spectres of Marx (with catalogue) located in the Palazzo Mora l (May-November) 2015.


November 22 - December 20 2013
Bruce represented in WeakForce 4 at St Paul’s St Gallery in Auckland New Zealand.

Co-operating artists include: Bruce Barber (CAN), Benji Bradley (NZ), Liz Bird (NZ), Anthony Cribb (NZ), Paul Cullen (NZ), Eugene Hansen (NZ), Joe Jowitt (NZ), Laresa Kosloff (AU), Lee Ihnbum (KOR), Ziggy Lever (NZ), Kim Morgan (CAN), Deborah Rundle (NZ), Matthew Sansom (UK), Daniel von Sturmer (NZ/AU), Andy Thomson (UK/NZ), Layne Waerea (NZ), Suh Youngsun (KOR), and invited others.

WeakForce 4 is the fourth WeakForce project associated with the collaborative Unified Field Theory (UFT) project, The aim of the umbrella project UFT is to locate and represent the social and relational as the generative dynamic of the co-operative in creative collaborative work.


Adam Art Gallery University of Victoria Wellington N.Z. “Duchamp in New Zealand” curated by Marcus Moore and Tina Barton.

Traffic: Conceptual Art in Canada 1968-1980 Barnicke Gallery, Toronto
Curated by Barbara Fisher, Grant Arnold, Jayne Wark Traveling through 2010-2013

Vancouver Art Gallery‎

TRAFFIC: Conceptual Art in Canada 1965-1980
Edited by: Grant Arnold, Karen Henry
Contributions by: Vincent Bonin, Catherine Crowston, Jayne Wark, William Wood Douglas and McIntyre Co-published with Vancouver Art Gallery 2012

CONTINENTAL DRIFT: Conceptual Art in Canada: The 1960s and ’70s
19 April–8 September 2013
Part I: 19 April–23 June
Part II: 28 June–8 September
Badischer Kunstverein Karlsruhe, Germany

Weak Force – Collaborative Art Installation
Participants: Matthew Sansom (UK), Andy Thomson (NZ), Paul Cullen (NZ), Laresa Kosloff (Aus.), Bruce Barber (Canada), Kim Morgan (Canada). Surrey University Art Gallery U.K. (March 2013)

Struts Gallery Sweetest Little Thing Fundraiser Exhibition. 2013

Khyber ARC Members Exhibition 2012 March – April 2013

Group Exhibition Te tuhi (the mark) Gallery, Auckland May 4th - July 14th Bruce Barber Bepen Bhana Tim Chapman, Rachel Walters 
And Santiago Sierra 
4 May 4th - July 14th 2013


Weak Force A New Work from the International Collaborative Project UFT (Unified Field Theory)
Anna Leonowens Gallery NSCAD Halifax, November 15 -26, 2011
Weak Force Exhibit (pdf)

Presentation at Roma Pavilion 3rd June 2011
Web Launch of the Roma Media Archive
UNESCO, Palazzo Zorzi, Castello 4930 – Venezia. 3rd June 2011 at 13:00

Presented by participating artists of the Roma Media Archive:
In the context of:
Call the Witness, Roma Pavilion Collateral Event, Live Testimonies
54th International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia,
Participating artists include:

Bruce Barber Sasa Barbul Katalin Barsony Cristiano Berti Bodvalenke Fresco
Project Tina Carr Edouard Chiline Hannah Collins Leone Contini Nigel
Dickinson Konstantina Drakopoulou EU-Roma Eduard Freudmann Zoran
Kubura Haris Kulenovic Alexandra Gulea Maria Kjartans Marta Kotlarska
Ivana Marjanovic Dusko Miljanic Malgorzata Mirga-Tas Tanja Ostojic Nihad
Nino Pusija Claudia Radulescu Eva Sajovic Marika Schmiedt Annemarie
Schöne Hedina Tahirović Sijerčić Manuela Zanotti

Roma Media Archive @ Venetian Navigator Exhibition 3rd/4th

June 2011
Calle Casselleria, Castello 5300, Venezia - evenings between: 21:00 – 23:00

Save As Art Exhibition Lodz, Poland
Curated by Karolina Jablonska & Anka Lesniak


The Sweetest Little Thing Annual Fundraiser exhibition Struts, New BrunswickKhyber ICA Members show March, 2010
Traffic: Conceptual Art in Canada 1968-1980 Barnicke Gallery, Toronto Curated by Barbara Fisher, Grant Arnold, Jayne Wark
et al Traveling 2010-2011

“The Gift of Glove” facilitator for an anonymous artist Anna Leonowens Gallery October 12th -23rd 2010
Nocturne October 17th 2010 Nocturne (1946) for Nocturne 2010: amicro cinematic event.
Institute of Contemporary Art, Newton, Sydney Australia Sydney Biennale Australian Pavilion: “Alphabet Bomber” Installation one of three International Artists in 'Swallow it, dog!'  May 2010

NAM BANG! Casula Powerhouse, Sydney Australia curated by Boitran Huynh-Beattie April 4- 21st June 2009 (catalogue)

Blind as Text Peloton Gallery Sydney Australia 18th June -11th July
curated by Bronia Iwanczak

The Meltdown: An installation of Excision, Détournement and Reading the Open Text

Te tuhi (The mark) Centre for the Arts, Auckland, New Zealand Bruce Barber: Reading and Writing Rooms a selected survey of work          from 1970-present with reconstructions of three major   installations in four galleries and the courtyard.
Curated by Emma Bugden and Stephen Cleland
Te tuhi exhibition review at
Craig-Smith, Ariane Te Tuhi Exhibition review Eyeline Issue 69 p. 68 

Artspace, Sydney Australia Bruce Barber: Reading and Writing Rooms a selected survey of work from 1970-present with two new installations “I Swear” and “Situation Room.” 
Curated by Blair French and Professor Brad Buckley